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Top 40 Stocks Under $3

March 08, 2011

Bargain Basement Value Stocks
Selling For Less Than $3 Per Share

Dear Investor,

Several months ago, a small maker of multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors was acquired for $95 million in cash by a venture capital firm. It was a small deal by Wall Street standards, but lots of people doubled their money in just a month by following the advice of Marc Gerstein, editor of Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report .

On August 15, Gerstein, in his newsletter, recommended RAE Systems (nyse:RAE) to his readers at 75 cents per share. On September 20, Battery Ventures agreed to buy the company for $1.60 per share.  That’s a 113% gain...in just five weeks!

Then, on December 15, Gerstein spotlighted timeshare operator Silverleaf Resorts, trading at $1.04 per share, as an interesting speculation. It would seem hard to believe that anybody could be interested in this sort of thing nowadays. As it turned out, though, a private-equity firm was very interested, enough so to make a bid for the company. On February 4, Gerstein closed out this recommendation at $2.44, netting a 135% gain in a little less than two months.

Overall, from mid-July, when Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report debuted, through mid-February, its Model Portfolio rose 104.4%, and its Top 40 rose 73.8%, compared to the Russell 2000 which rose 29% and the S&P 500 which rose 22.2%. Click here to start your subscription today.

These are the kinds of gains that most investors dream about...and it’s why investing in low-priced stocks is so popular. For many of us, there is nothing more alluring than a stock selling below $3.00 per share. The price screams FIRE SALE and, after all, everyone loves a bargain, especially in the stock market.

We all want to catch “lightening in a bottle” because at $3.00 a share, it only costs you $3,000 to buy a thousand shares. Thus every dollar the stock goes up is $1,000.00 in your pocket and if it turns into a ten-bagger, that $3,000 investment suddenly becomes $30,000.

However, without solid research, how do you know if that $3.00 stock you just bought on a hunch will be a bargain or a bust?

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report. This exciting new offering was created to help you find the next “equity rock star” while keeping in check impulsive urges to buy any old cheap stock on the fly. Our partner in this venture is a renowned expert in value investing named Marc Gerstein. You may have heard of him from his best-selling books, Screening the Market and Value Connection. You may also know him from his days as research director at Value Line or from MultexInvestor.com and Reuters.com.

Our new publication is the only one of its kind that breaks down, in easy-to-understand language, the science of buying and selling “cheap” stocks. Gerstein doesn’t bother with risky pink sheet issues, but rather puts his proven model to work on solid issues that are low on the radar, but poised for blockbuster gains.

The secret is focusing on small companies with huge potential to grow--those that are not being watched terribly closely by large fund managers who can’t be bothered with what Gerstein knows to be diamonds in the rough.

That’s what makes Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report so valuable. It focuses on an area of equity investing that few others take notice of even though the potential upside is huge. Just take a look at a few once low-priced companies that have subsequently exploded:

True Religion (nasdaq: TRLG) for example, started out as a penny stock, selling for only $0.66 as recently as July 29, 2004 and climbed as high as $33.11 on April 23, 2010.

Fashion retailer Chico's (nyse: CHS) could have been had for $0.15 a share, split-adjusted, on May 1, 1997, and has been trading recently near $13.50--and traded as high as $48.90 on February 21, 2006.

Even Apple (nasdaq: AAPL), before the iPod and iPhone reversed its fortunes, traded at $6.56, split-adjusted, on April 17, 2003, and recently traded at $356.00. Apple now has a market capitalization of $328 billion; that's greater than mighty Microsoft, Wal-Mart and even Berkshire Hathaway!

I’m sure you’ll agree that results like these are almost impossible to find in generic mutual funds or other professionally managed accounts.

Subscribe now, SAVE MONEY, get 3 FREE Special Reports and find out which stocks Gerstein is targeting for Apple-like gains by clicking here.

For a limited-time only, we are offering a full year electronic subscription to Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report for only $198. That’s less than $17 a month for a year’s worth of expert analysis on this largely ignored, but potentially lucrative area of stock picking. Monthly subscriptions are also available for only $29.99 each. In addition, for a limited time only, we are offering three special reports on low-price stock investing that will help you further understand the market and invest wisely.

  • Special Report #1 - Investing in Extreme Small-Caps: An invaluable overview of the nature of the low-priced stock opportunity and keys to success.

  • Special Report #2 - How to Hedge a Low- Priced Stock Portfolio: An inside look at how leveraged short ETFs can be used to mitigate the impact of a bear market on a low-priced stock portfolio.

  • Special Report #3 - Strategic Low-Priced Stock Selection: A concise and easy-to-understand explanation of the model used to identify the Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report Top 40 Model Portfolio.

Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase of Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report comes with our unconditional money-back guarantee. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will issue a refund of the unused portion of your subscription, no questions asked. You get to keep the three special reports as our gift to you just for trying Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Forbes family of newsletter subscribers.

I can assure you, you’ll be well rewarded.


Charles Morgan

Associate Publisher
Forbes Newsletters

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Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report is the answer to finding “below the radar stocks” that are ready to soar! Subscribe today.

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