Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this much monthly stock market income legal?

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Dear Reader,

On the last Thursday of each month, a rather unusual e-
mail lands in the inbox of a select group of investors.

These select investors receive a unique set of government-
authorized codes—codes that can create substantial income for
their retirement. For example…

August 14, 2009, was a very good day for this select group
of investors.

Just 35 days earlier, on July 10, 2009, these investors were
given an ordinary—but carefully screened—stock symbol. Along
with that symbol, they were given a unique government-
authorized code.

They then took the ticker symbol and the code, called their
broker or logged onto their private brokerage account, and
activated the code…

35 days later, on August 14, 2009, the code expired and
created an income credit in their retirement account of $3,888.90
for every thousand dollars invested. That's a 35-day actual return
of 388.89%!

But here's the thing…

This was not a one-time event—far from it. In 2010 alone,
there were 24 income-producing codes like the one just described
above…24 opportunities…about two per month…where you
could have juiced the returns and income in any (or all) of your
investment and retirement accounts.

In fact, each and every month, these investors continue to
receive a new set of codes that continues to create double- and
triple-digit opportunities…many times in as little as a month.

To educate our Profit Confidential family on these
government-authorized codes and how they could generate
serious added income for you month after month, we've prepared
an exclusive video presentation on them. You can see it here now.

Yours truly,

George Leong, B. Comm.

P.S. The next set of these government-authorized monthly codes
is ready for distribution on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Be sure to
learn all about them here now.


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